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Upon completion of weaving, the warp is cut at both ends and the carpet is removed from the loom. Next it is washed with detergents and scraped with wooden paddles three times. This softens the colors and the pile. The carpet is then sewn to pipes on all four sides and stretched square using turnbuckles. Once dry, the back of the carpet is starched to hold square. The next step is shearing. This is done in three steps, all by hand by crews of varying numbers depending on the size of the rug. At the final shearing the pile surface of the rug is exactly as you see it upon purchase. Next the selvedge is applied by a specialist who adds an additional warp using his feet and then apples the selvedge wrap with a needle and thread. Finally the fringe at both ends must be appropriately finished. This varies greatly according to design and procedure. We stain the white cotton warp a tea color to complement the rug.
Blocking (starch application)
Trimming Fringe