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To execute the design we must weave the carpet. A vertical loom is used. The first step is warping the loom. Cotton warp strings run through the carpet from end to end and may be recognized as the fringe in the finished product. The warp is wrapped as a continuous string and is set up to produce the required knot density, i.e., 10 per linear inch. During warping every other warp string is passed through the heddle. Upon completion this allows the weaver to separate the warps and pass a horizontal thread, the weft, between them with ease. After the loom is warped, weaving begins by placing a few rows of cotton weft at the bottom end. After this, the pile is tied to the warps knot-by-knot using asymmetrical knots until one entire horizontal row of knots is tied. Then 1-2 rows of horizontal cotton weft are applied and packed tightly with a comb hammer. This process is repeated over and over until the design is complete. One of our 8x10 rugs will contain between 576,000 and 1,152,000 hand-tied knots, depending on the type of wool used.
Constructing the Loom
Weavers at Work
Hand Tying Knots
Hand Tying Knots